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heybacchus's Journal

alexis courtney.
10 June
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a (lex) is:
twenty-one. a lover, not a fighter. a dreamer. a pixie. sarcastic. extreme! tiny. lovable. a fighter of lost causes. becoming. a writer. a photographer. a reader. polar opposites. cuh-ray-zy! a super-heroine. tattooed. a poet. beat. dead like bela lugosi. borderline. silly. ready to give away everything. afraid of being alone. coping. learning. growing. sharing. hoping. loving. dancing. singing. dissonance.

30 seconds to mars, 8 bit radio, afi, airplane!, american beauty, anne rice, are you being served?, azure ray, belle & sebastian, big bad voodoo daddy, bloodhound gang, blue velvet, breakfast at tiffany's, bright eyes, cake, californication, casablanca, children of men, closer, cobra starship, cuddling, cursive, dashboard confessional, dave eggers, deftones, degrassi: the next generation, depeche mode, dexter, doctor who, does it offend you, dogma, douglas adams, echo and the bunnymen, electric six, eminem, exploiting capitalism, fight club, flcl, frank herbert, freezepop, genesis, ghost world, graffiti, h. p. lovecraft, hamlet 2, help she can't swim, history, history of the world, hot hot heat, ima robot, immortal technique, interpol, j. k. rowling, jack kerouac, jack off jill, joy division, kurt vonnegut, languages, lost, loving, mall rats, man man, marilyn manson, milan kundera, mindless self indulgence, ministry, monty python, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, mount sims, mulholland drive, muse, mystery science theater 3000, n.w.a, natural born killers, neon genesis evangelion, nine inch nails, notorious b.i.g, orgy, outdoor activities, pan's labyrinth, part i, philosophy, pink floyd, pink floyd the wall, pretty in pink, queen, radiohead, reading, regina spektor, rooney, scarling., silverchair, siouxsie and the banshees, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, stephen king, streetlight manifesto, sublime, sugarcult, system of a down, taking pretty pictures, talking heads, tenacious d, the birthday massacre, the blood brothers, the cranberries, the cure, the dandy warhols, the dresden dolls, the faint, the grateful dead, the internet, the killers, the monkees, the pillows, the pixies, the police, the postal service, the psychedelic furs, the shins, the smiths, the sounds, the thin man, the tudors, the wackness, the wallflowers, the x-files, tin man, tool, trophy scars, type o negative, vegetarian cooking, veruca salt, wierd al, working